About Us - History and Vision

Meet The Need’s origins date back to 2000 when its founder, Jim Morgan, was a consultant helping “Dot Com” companies develop Internet strategies. As a Christian, he was also looking for opportunities to “give back” doing charitable work in his spare time, but had no idea who to call or where to go to find ways to help that would fit his skills and interests. So since he was an Internet consultant, he began thinking about how the Internet could be leveraged to help other people find ways to get involved in helping local charities or needy families.

Suddenly, he had an inspired thought – if we can shop online for what we want to buy, why can’t we “shop” online for someone who needs what we want to give away? Jim realized that technology that could potentially mobilize millions to help those in need was already available in the business world – someone just needed to bring it over to the world of charity!

A 501(c)3 to test the concept was launched with a few churches and charities in 2003 in Tampa, Florida and it quickly became apparent that many other people truly did want to do more to impact their communities. But someone needed to help churches and charities alleviate the administrative burden of running outreach programs. If so, it could dramatically increase the amount of charitable activity taking place among churches, ministries and everyone else in the community. The rest, as they say, is history.

Meet The Need began working on a comprehensive redesign in 2005, taking over 3 years to complete. Today, Meet The Need brings best-practices in E-Commerce, Outsourcing, Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management to the world of churches and charities for the sole purpose of helping people get more active in reaching out to those in need.