About Us - Overview

Meet The Need leverages the power of the Internet to bring people with needs from every part of the world together with the people that can meet those needs. We start by reaching out to families, ministries, churches and missionaries to find out their most critical needs. Then, we post them on our international database so you can search for those needs you are uniquely equipped to meet, whether it's in your own community or in another country. We want everyone to find opportunities to give back – to understand specific ways that you can make a difference in someone else's life!

With Meet The Need, it’s not about writing a check. It’s about connecting with charities and families in need to share our time and belongings with others. It’s not about donating to charity but doing charity! Our database is full of simple, tangible and meaningful ways that people can share their time, God-given abilities and resources to help others. For example:

  • A family with young children can give used baby clothes, a crib, or stroller to a family with a newborn
  • A dad can take his children to help a ministry feed the homeless on a Saturday morning
  • A retiree can volunteer to wrap Christmas presents at a mall to raise funds for a church or ministry
  • A church can use Meet The Need to hold a weekend giving drive for single mothers
  • A business man can take an extra carry-on bag of medical equipment to a region in need in Central America
  • An engineer can go to Haiti to design a road to an orphanage

It doesn't matter if you're a teacher, mechanic, farmer, dentist, plumber, consultant, programmer, journalist, homemaker or retiree. Everyone has something to offer. We just have to examine our hearts and abilities to find the opportunities that suit us best.