About Us - Overview

Meet The Need is the first to bridge the enormous communication gaps in cities that keep those who can help from being aware of opportunities to help that fit their skills and interests. Our mission is to mobilize more people to serve families in need in their communities by bringing local churches and charities modern-day tools for connecting and communicating.

Charities have tried to share needs with local churches and businesses via email, phone calls and newsletters for far too long. And churches cannot possibly communicate those needs and engage members to meet them via the pulpit and bulletin. Some have tried to solve these "bottleneck" problems through clearinghouses, but those haven't worked - driving all traffic to one central site creates more work and gives too little control to each organization.

Instead, Meet The Need's approach is to empower charities, churches and business with ALL of the state-of-the-art platforms they will EVER need to manage and communicate ALL of their charitable activities. Despite spending 10 years and millions developing these systems, we give away what tens of thousands of dollars or software that charitable organizations could never afford to buy or build. That is the only way to ensure all organizations in a city say "yes" to Meet The Need and wind up connected on the same underlying platform:

  • Running and Broadcasting Events
  • Connecting to Local Charity Partners
  • Managing and Recruiting Volunteers
  • Accepting and Tracking In-Kind Donations
  • Managing Family Needs and Services Provided
  • Running Charity Drives
  • Mobilizing Internal Volunteers (e.g. Greeters, Ushers)

All of these systems work through each organization's web site and/or Facebook page, and look exactly like their web site. And each organization has complete control over how they use Meet The Need and what needs they show inside and outside their "4 walls".

Since our national launch in 2012, the response has been truly amazing. As a result of offering so much value at no cost, Meet The Need now works with many of the largest churches and charitable organizations in the country, in countless cities across the U.S. and several other countries.

Meet The Need has tapped into a real hunger that's existed for quite a while among churches and charities for someone to finally bring modern tools to connect cities to serve those in need. Because there was no money in connecting cities to serve the community, no technology vendors have been willing to invest in building a solution - until Meet The Need.

Meet The Need is huge game-changer for your organization in terms of taking work off your staff, communicating with partners and volunteers, handling logistics, managing/tracking all compassion ministry activities, and mobilizing more people to bring help and hope to those in need.