Case Studies

Case Study #1 - Bell Shoals Baptist Church

A more efficient way to connect thousands of church members with opportunities to volunteer with internal and external compassion ministries

Case Study #2 - Mega Church in Central Florida

Freeing up church staff to focus on having a greater impact rather than wading through e-mails, phone calls and wall covered with post-it notes

Case Study #3 - Feed the Bay

Finally an easy way to coordinate a large multi-church outreach event, bringing the Body of Christ together in a spirit of unity

Case Study #4 - OneCommUNITY

Turning an ambitious vision into a reality – transforming an entire county through the collective outreach efforts of churches and ministries

Case Study #5 - Multi-Church Service Event

Transitioning a one-time event into an ongoing outreach, demonstrating God’s love to communities long after the event is over